(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

Kurt Wagner is the secret child of Mystique who grew up in a European travelling circus troupe. In his childhood, he was a freak on display for the amusement of the circus’ visitors but when he discovered his mutation (the ability to teleport) he was given a staring role in the trapeze act where he would teleport right underneath falling gymnasts and catch them before they plummeted to their deaths. He was given the name Nightcrawler.

However, it didn’t take long for him to be demonised. When he missed catching one of the gymnasts, the public turned against him and he was chased through a German village by an angry mob. He find sanctuary in a church where he was hidden by a kind priest. There he became a devote Catholic, every day thanking the church for saving his life.

He was eventually discovered by Professor X and taken to his School for Gifted Youngsters but after discovering his true parentage his loyalties often were tested. 

(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

ULTRON, or the Un-Limited Telepathy Robotic Organisation Network, was a sentient operating system created by Hank Pym, a technician at Stark Industries. However, when he “disappeared” while testing out the Atom Suit, ULTRON became even more independent and tried to build itself a body using a combination of Stark Industries Iron Suits and its unique lightning-speed 3D printing technology. 

ULTRON used the saved data of all the Stark Industries employees to print a skin body for itself and then printed armour on top of whatever part of its body it needed defending. 

ULTRON went on a rampage across New York, scanning and copying all manner of people and technology in order to create the perfect body. Not even the Avengers could stop the rampage! Luckily, Hank Pym returned - crushing ULTRON with his Atom Suit switched onto giant mode!

However, the perfect body ULTRON was trying to create had already been designed but he was crushed before he could pass his consciousness into it. The Avengers took on this perfect android, nicknamed the Vision, as an ally… but part of ULTRON’s mind was still inside it… ready to be reborn!

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(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

Nakala Fury is the creator of the Avengers Initiative and helped recreate SHIELD from the ground up. 

SHIELD was original founded with the intention of stopping superheroes and villains alike, but when the Skrull Invasion almost obliterated humanity, Nakala sought out various superheroes and recruited them to form a team.

Director Fury, however, is a force in her own right. She commanded a team which infiltrated Latveria in order to take down Victor Von Doom and despite being blinded in one eye, was able to single handedly knock him unconscious even against all his magic attacks. 

It was this mission, with the assistance of Fantastic Four, that made Nakala realise that not everyone with super powers were the same. And when Captain America was defrosted she pitched her initiative to the board.

Maxwell Dillon died on February 14th 2012. He was turned on on February 15th. 

Maxwell was working at an electrician at the Oscorp building where he was working with equipment he’d never seen before. He was so fascinated by these new kinds of batteries and electrical equipment that he took much of it home without anyone noticing. 

It was around about this time that Maxwell was diagnosed with cancer and was told to retire. With his free time he started developing his own life support machine, obnoxiously believing he knew more than the doctors. 

Several years later, and after a well fought battle, Maxwell found himself on his deathbed where he asked his wife the ultimate question… “will you put the plug in?”

The day after he died, his wife did it and switched on Electro. Using an artificial electrical current, Maxwell had developed a way to keep his brain and heart working… but his sweet personality had not crossed over. Instead, Maxwell had been replaced by a fearsome, electric villain who only cared about his own survival. In order to keep his machine running he had to constantly find ways to drain electricity and charge up. His target was Oscorp, home to seemingly endless power. 

Over the years he has sided with Doctor Octopus due to their similar goals and been a constant enemy of Spider-man. Electro eventually hopes to black out the world and become truly immortal.


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(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

Murdoch Tsang was blinded during a robbery of his parents’ shop in China Town, Manhattan where they uses flare guns. He was only 3 years old. His father, Jin Tsang, taught Murdoch martial arts as a way of becoming aware of the world without sight. 

When Murdoch was 12, people thought he could “see” the world better than most people as his other senses had become so honed. In fact… they were so good that he could even pin point the sound of someone’s footsteps in a crowd. That someone happened to be the man who robbed his parent’s shop. Murdoch ran after the man and knocked him out with a flurry of attacks. At the time, however, Murdoch was dressed up as the dragon-like mascot of his father’s business… the man could easily trace back his little attacking to that shop.

And unfortunately, the man in question now belonged to a gangster organisation run by The Kingpin and as vengeance Jin Tsang was murdered. Murdoch had let his fear blind him and had caused his father’s death. 

He vowed from that day forward… he may be 12, he may be blind and he may not be in the best shape… but he was going to be a man without fear and kill The Kingpin. 

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(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

Remy Etienne LeBeau came to New York to escape a mutant mafia group named the Marauders in New Orleans that he was being controlled by, thanks to them having stolen a of his brain. He became Gambit and used his mutation to charge objects with an explosive energy to become a small time thief. 

One day he was being chased by the police and he jumped into the sewers. There he became part of the Morlocks, a group disfigured mutants living beneath the city. They were his family and they tattooed his entire body with their markings (he personalised his to include playing card iconography).

However, Gambit’s presence among the Morlocks led to their Massacre. Mister Sinister, leader of the Marauders, tracked Gambit down and killed everyone there. Gambit escaped, but he could never escape the guilt. He chose to isolate himself and never join other mutants again until he met Rogue, a homeless Mutant. 

The pair became friends but Gambit always remained distant. When the X-Men came to offer them both a place at their Mansion, Rogue joined but Gambit fled - terrified he’d bring destruction to yet more innocent people. Now, he only joins them when their is no other option. 

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(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

The key difference between Carnage and Venom is where the alien symbiote has attached itself. Venom had the lifeform leech off of its host from the outside, wrapping the victim in its own skin to control it. The second symbiote, spawned from the original, was injected into the victim’s blood and grew inside of him.

That man was Cletus Kasady - already one of the world’s most dangerous men. A surreal killer who murdered his family (among others), he was locked up in The Vault, the most secure prison in America. However, through means unknown, he came into possession of a symbiote spawn. Knowing the carnage that Venom had brought New York, he injected himself with it. But the creature took control of his brain and replaced all of his blood with its own.

Now Carnage kills out of rage, but the small part of Cletus left kills to get better - by absorbing human blood he gains a little ounce of his humanity back. With treatments of donor blood, he can weaken the symbiote - but it could never be completely removed without killing him.

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(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

It’s pretty tragic that Anna Caldecott only discovered her mutation at the age she was. Her ability to take the life force, energy, strength and even powers from others just by touching them should have been spotted way before her 18th birthday. But nobody touched her. Nobody hugged her, kissed her… not even her family. That’s the way she liked it.

That was of course until the day she came close to killing her teacher when she touched him. Although he survived, she was so terrified she would be carted off and experimented on that she ran away.

In the streets of New York she met Gambit, a fellow mutant who was using his ability to pickpocket. Anna came up with the name Rogue so that he couldn’t trace her. When Professor X and the X-Men discovered them both, she was convinced they’d come to lock her up and ran away again. 

Now she lives in the X Mansion but has trust issues and still wants to be cured of her mutation. She’s rarely not in the process of running away. But she always tells people - she runs not for her own safety, but other people’s.

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(Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics)

Johnny Blake was a cyclist in New York when he got hit by a car. He thought he was dead but he was visited by a demon named Zarathos in the instant of death and made a bargain. 

"Survive at the cost of another".

He agreed. Little did he know that the “another” was his step-father. He eventually made it home after coming out of the crash unharmed to find him.

He called upon Zarathos again, hoping to change his choice but he found out that Zarathos was now inside him. He became the Spirit of Vengence - Ghost Rider.

Johnny struggles to control the demon’s power as he tries to use it for good - but he is eventually being taken over. Whenever he becomes the Ghost Rider, his head begins to burn up and crack and steam, so he wears a helmet to disguise it.

He is also known as the BMX Bandit by his mentor, Angel Summoner.