Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics.

Namor was born into Atlantean high society, but even from an early age, he was fascinated by the land of the walkers. He discovered that his father was a human sea captain that his mother had fallen in love with. Determined to find him, Namor left Atlantis and slowly adjusted to life on land. 

Discovering that his father had been killed by Dr Lemuel Dorcas and transformed into Orka, Namor chose to defend the seas from the evil of mankind. This makes Namor a hero but with a strong distrust of humans. 


Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics.

There is a country in East Africa hidden for centuries by the mysterious substance known as Vibranium. A pure meteorite of it fell from space centuries ago and cut off Wakanda from its surrounding countries. 

But far from being a lost world, Wakanda thrieved in its isolation. The vibranium advanced the country’s technology and the elected ruler or Black Panther, T’Challa, upon viewing how other countries were constantly warring each other, chose to keep the country hidden. This was until Ulysses Klaw broke through the barriers with his sound suit and discovered the country.

Selling his information to the United States, a full-scale invasion was launched on Wakanda. The Black Panther and Storm defended the country as best as they could from the army and Fantastic Four. It wasn’t until Black Panther uncovered Klaw’s true motives - to steal the vibranium and rule the world, that Wakanda and the USA signed a piece treaty. 

T’Challa now helps the Avengers when they need it, but his own country is his top priority. 


Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics.

The Kree were wishing to catalogue all unknown planets and sent their prized warrior Captain Mar-Vell to Earth. She was to be given a human identity in order to blend in and observe but a problem occurred during her assimilation. Captain Mar-Vell’s human cover, Carol Danvers, was completely unaware of her alien self. The decided to continue the project, using her as a sleeper agent hoping that this would let them see human life more honestly. 

Carol lived her life as normal but with the Kree watching through her eyes. Occasionally, her instincts would kick in and she’d transform herself into Mar-Vell for protection, only to wake up again as Carol and have no idea of what happened.

Carol pursued a career in the United States Air Force, possibly driven by her military instincts. She was such a prodigy that she was contacted by SHIELD and offered the role of captaining their air squadron. 

On witnessing the Avengers, the Kree decided Earth was too dangerous to remain in the Galaxy, and sent forth Ronan the Accuser to destroy the planet. On seeing Ronan, the terrors he’d unleashed in Mar-Vell’s past awakened the alien side in Carol. Finally, she realised who she was and she assumed the mantel of Captain Marvel. She renounced the Kree Empire and decided to become Earth’s Mightiest Hero, defending her found home from the evils of the galaxy. 

She has the ability to absorb energy and then project it, however she usually keeps a certain amount of her absorbed energy within her so that she can use other powers including her trademark light blasts.


Character descriptions in the Marvelous Universe differ from those in the official comics

Jessica Drew was an ex soldier who signed up to test new bio weapons at Wyndnam Laboratories in London as part of the High Evolutionary Project. However, Drew accidentally uncovered that the weapons were being sold to HYDRA. Drew stole the bio-electric solar suit she had been testing, stormed Wyndnam Labs and escaped into the city.

On the run from Wyndnam, Drew modified the suit so that it was almost unrecognisable and used it to try and take down HYDRA’s web across London. 

The web-like design on the solar panels, the similar colours and design to Spider-man’s outfit and Drew’s trademark “trapdoor” approach to defeating thugs (using the London underground system and manholes to her advantage) earned her the name Spider-Woman in the press - a name she initially despised because it made her feel like a knock off of a more popular superhero when she had nothing to do with him or spiders. 

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Happy Bat-Week!

I’ll be giving you a new Batman character a day until the Dark Knight Rises comes out.

Today is the Killer Moth! Not Batman’s most famous or popular of foes, the Killer Moth actually has an excellent and amusing backstory… a prisoner who is obsessed with the Dark Knight, after he is out of jail, he becomes an anti-Batman, beating up police officers in order to help petty thieves.

I think that’s a fun idea, and I gave him a kind of Rocketeer update. Any love for Killer Moth?

Check out the rest so far here.

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