Life was good for Tony Stark, CEO of Stark International. A multi-millionaire playboy and owner of the world’s most successful weapons manufacturer and defence contractors, he felt invincible.

That was until the day that the Ten Rings terrorist organisation attacked the building, taking hundreds of hostages and leaving Tony himself barricaded into his office. The Mandarin, a mysterious war criminal who Tony discovered had been using his weapons for years, had infiltrated the building to force Tony to design him a suit of armour. The Mandarin needed it in order to control his ten magic rings and so Tony set about working on it at gunpoint with his co-designer, Ho Yinsen.

What he constructed, however, was Iron Man. Putting the suit on himself, Tony attacked the Mandarin’s men and took back his building. Heralded as a hero, Tony promised to no longer use his technology for evil and set about changing Stark International’s focus. He hired Pepper Potts, who had previously been a campaigner against the business. 

However, Tony was shot in the chest by his business partner, Obadiah Stane, using a devastating Shrapnel Gun. He wanted to take back the business and stop the changes Tony was making. Struggling to stay conscious, Tony used a prototype electromagnetic generator to stop the shrapnel from reaching his heart and was later discovered by Pepper Potts, barely alive.

From that day forward, Tony had to always wear the generator in his chest. He modified the suit, making it slimmer and more dangerous with every upgrade and dedicated his life to stopping those who used technology for evil, including the Mandarin and Obadiah Stane.

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