Alpha Flight #6

Guardian is the leader of Alpha Flight and the defender of Canada and the world. 

James ‘Mac’ Hudson was a leading scientist at Am-Can Corporation and had developed a magnetic power suit he hoped could be used for rescuing people from disasters such as terrorist attacks or earthquakes.

However, when he discovered that the suit was going to be used by the American military, he stole the prototype and destroyed all the blueprints. 

He was pursued by police for a long time but eventually captured. It wasn’t the police that captured him though, it was Nick Fury and the Avengers.

He agreed to fight with them for justice but he soon grew tired of Tony Stark, Captain America and SHIELD in general. He saw it as nothing but an American military with a different name. 

Mac left the Avengers and decided to form his own Canadian version, the focus being on defence rather than attack. He became Guardian and began a search across Canada for similarly minded superheroes. 

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